Honda CBF1000F 2010 Motorcycle Zone Video

[starttext]Honda CBF1000F 2010 Motorcycle Zone VideoMotorcycle Zone Video - Honda CBF1000F 2010 Motorcycle is a sport type vehicle. For this time Honda CBF1000 has a lot of improvement and development of the previous series. Framework is lighter and stronger aluminum base material that makes Honda CBF1000 much more nimble, fast and compact than previous models in doing good acceleration on the track straight and turn the winding. Honda CBF1000 technically have a machine with a capacity of 1000cc (998), Liquid-cooled inline-four, Valve Train Chain-driven DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, Fuel Delivery PGM-FI electronic fuel injection. With the advanced technology that is embedded in this vehicle makes the 2010 Honda CBF1000 as the king / leader in its class. Its versatility takes the CBF concept to another level. Its specialties are not just adjustable components and handling that easily adapts to the rider's skill level; but an impressively linear delivery that provides the rider wants powerthe exactly when it's needed. If you are interested with this car so much better you first read the full information below. Read also the information about 2010 Honda CBF600ABS[endtext]


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